Photographer in Great Falls, Montana | The BEST Part About the New House

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This week has felt LONG...and yes, I realize it's Tuesday.  It's also been a little crazy in the Pence house lately...  mostly because we moved to a new house!  Also, Jason has been gone for work for the past couple of weeks and the combination of it all is starting to wear on me a little.  But then I have these little moments with my kids that completely fill me up again....

People keep asking "How are the kids liking the new house?!" and I'm thrilled to report that they LOVE it.  We are now on a quiet block with very few cars that drive by, we have hardly any furniture in the house so my kids have been running laps daily, and we also have some neighbor kids that my kids are asking to hang out with the second we get home from school :)  All in all - the stress of moving has proven worth it (phew!).  

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But the best part for the kids?!!!  Yep...a GIANT dirt hill in our back yard (courtesy of the builders working on the house next door).  Tanner and Mia (and the neighbor kids) have spent hours on this pile of dirt, and every time I see them having a blast, I keep telling myself I need to grab my camera and take pictures...before it's gone.

So I finally did it tonight...and I'm pretty positive I'm going to find a place in our house to hang these.  Not because they are "picture perfect".  Not because my kids are all dolled-up in cute outfits (actually, you can see my son has chosen swim trunks and a swim shirt...because he thought he was going to go run in the neighbor's sprinklers in 45 degree weather...nope).  But I will find a spot for them because these represent what I love the MOST about our kids: their adventurous, joyful spirits.  I absolutely love this age, and I LOVE that life can still be about having the BEST time...on a pile of dirt.

I promise I'll blog about the inside of our house as soon as we get some stuff into place and it's looking a little more like home.  I hope you all are having a beautiful night of your own!


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