Senior Photographer in Great Falls, MT | Sydnie, Class of 2018

senior photographer in Great Falls, MT

I was lucky enough to get to photograph this gorgeous girl a couple of months before graduation!  This one, Sydnie, is a Class of 2018 senior, and I really can't say enough amazing things about her...for real.  She's sweet, kind, funny, fun to be around...obviously gorgeous...and she makes the best of any situation.  She's pretty incredible.

Great Falls Senior Photographer

The day of our shoot (in early April) we FINALLY were blessed with some gorgeous spring weather, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  I told Sydnie a few times during our shoot that I NEEDED this session...for many reasons!  First of all, after being holed up in the house for what felt like most of the year (thank you very much, Winter), I was overjoyed to be out in the fresh air!  Oh my gosh - it was such a beautiful evening!  And the lighting?!  Ah!  Perfect!

senior pictures in Great Falls, MT

We also did this shoot the week we moved to our new house, and it was so nice to have a break from the packing, the planning, the coordinating....all the things that goes into a move.  I had a blast just running around town with Sydnie and my camera.  It's getting me SO excited for more senior sessions...yay!!!

senior portraits

As get closer to graduation, I am getting so excited for this class - all the amazing and exciting plans in their future, and ALL the possibility!  Congratulations, Class of 2018!  

Great Falls Senior Portraits

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