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After you have viewed my site, I hope you have more questions!  I hope you are getting excited about the possibility of YOUR shoot, what you might wear, where we might go, and how you might display your one-of-a-kind art ( one else will have a canvas or album that looks like yours!).  And if you are overwhelmed just by the thought of all of that...that's where it's MY JOB (and my pleasure) to help you!

Please fill out the short contact form on the right, and I will be in touch within 24 hours! 

I'm SO excited to meet you, work with you, and create some amazing images you will love for a lifetime!

The session fee for a photo session with Bridgette Pence of Bridgette Pence Photography is $150.  Clients spend an average of $1200 on their photo collections.  Please complete the contact form so we can discuss any questions you might have!