Great Falls Photographer | Lautenschlager Family


I'm playing catch up, guys!  I need to get back on my blogging game...especially since I have such beautiful families to feature!

This family was the winner of a silent auction session I donated back in the fall, and given the nature of our "mini session", I didn't get a ton of time to interact with them beforehand...but I wish I would have, especially after meeting them!  First of all - look at their kiddos!!!  How sweet are they?!  

child photographer in Great Falls, MT

This was a pretty quick session, but we had AMAZING light and I was really happy with the images we were able to snag in a short period of time.  This was also one of our first nice days of spring, and as always it's so nice to get outside and enjoy those warm evenings (minus the mosquitoes, of course).

Thanks, Lautenschlager family, for hanging out with me!  :)

family photography
photographer in Great Falls, MT