Great Falls Senior Photographer | Nicole, Class of 2019

senior pictures in Great Falls, Montana

Ya know when you meet those girls and you think, “Man…she is going to do some cool stuff in her life…”? After getting to know Nicole, that’s what I was thinking. First off - she’s incredibly sweet and, well…GOREGOUS…but even more than that, she is driven.

It’s always fun for me to visit with my seniors about what they want to do after high school. Not just because I’m a school counselor (by day :)), but because it is so exciting to think about all the possibility they have in front of them…and SO many options! Nicole is tossing around some ideas - dental hygienist, dietitian - and I know that whatever she chooses, she’ll do it well. for some beautiful images of this girl!

Photographer in Great Falls, Montana

During the time of our session, I had started a new workout routine, so I was asking her tons of questions about different workouts she does (which she loves to do) and diet fads I had been hearing about. Update: my workout routine didn’t last long (shocking), but seriously…this girl knows her stuff, and personal training could be another option for her!

Senior photography in Great Falls, Montana

We kind of had a cloudy day during Nicole’s session, but I love the mix of urban and natural backgrounds we got, and that crazy weather gave us a BEAUTIFUL sunset right at the end that we HAD to pull over for!

Great Falls senior photographer

I can’t wait to see what this girl decides to do in the future! She’s going to be amazing at it, whatever it is! Lots of love to you, Nicole! I hope you are already having an amazing senior year :)