Photographer in Great Falls, MT | Why You Should Love Spring Portraits

This is an interesting blog post for today, because when you look outside, it looks less like "spring" and more like...December.  Come on, Montana!  What is GOING ON???!  *Sigh*  

However, I am crossing my fingers that we are headed in the "spring" direction!  I'm talking green, GREEN grass, budding trees, beautiful blooms, and bright blue skies.  Who wouldn't want that in the background of their family photos?!

Being a photographer in Great Falls, Montana, I am constantly paying attention to lighting, weather, changing landscapes, and locations.  Each season has its pros and cons - definitely.  But these are the major reasons I LOVE spring portrait sessions.  Take a look below, guys!

1. We procrastinate: maybe I shouldn't say "we" but I know that "I" procrastinate.  I have the best intentions to do "all the things" and then summer gets busy, I think I still have a ton of time...and then I don't.  Every year I hear families say "I meant to do family photos last summer, and then it just got busy and we ran out of time!".  No more, people!  Don't wait another day.  Don't let one more summer go by without capturing the moments of your family!  Take advantage of SPRING!

senior photos in spring

2.  Everything is alive!  Our crazy weather in Montana usually means two things: cold and hot.  Spring is a special (limited) time when we have warm weather but we haven't yet over-heated the grass, flowers, and trees.  Bonus for us?! Gorgeous backgrounds that are thriving, thick, and beautiful!

senior pictures in Great Falls, MT

3.  Wardrobe options: when it gets to be too hot in the summer, it's really not that much fun to wear layers in your photos.  In the July heat, you may not even want to wear clothes at all!  Spring weather is still a little brisk, which allows for some gorgeous (and interesting) layers that add dimension and fun to your family photos or senior photos in Great Falls, Montana.  

family photography in Great Falls, MT

4.  Cloudy skies!  You thought this was about the good part about spring photos, right?!  Ok, well here's deal:  cloudy skies serve as a natural filter for that bright sun.  The result?  Beautiful images!  Also...those cloudy skies look pretty cool in your images, too.  Take a look!

engagement photography in Montana

5.  Cabin fever.  After a LONG 5 months of winter (going on 6...thank you very much, April snow showers), us Montanans are all but begging to be outside in the beautiful weather.  It's a chance for us to remember that winter doesn't really last forever, and we actually can grow green stuff in this state of ours!  My portrait sessions are not just a task to get through...they are an experience!  They're fun!  It's a time to spend with your family giggling and laughing and enjoying one another.  And after this winter?!  You all deserve it!

So, take a look at the lovely SPRING sessions below, and when you are ready, give me a call to schedule yours!  Or, visit!

child photographer in Great Falls, Montana
Senior photographer in Montana