My 32-Year-Old Christmas List | Family Photographer in Great Falls, MT

Did anyone else experience Black Friday this year?  O.M.G.  If you didn''s still crazy. The only difference is the craziness starts beginning the MONTH of November...not the day after Thanksgiving.  Maybe it's time we change the name...Black November.  I can't complain, though, because I joined in on the craziness with my "Black Friday Mini Session Sale"...which I already can't wait for!  Come on, December 16th!  And please let it be warm for those family photos!

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Anyway...this craziness got me thinking about how much my own "Christmas list" has changed, especially now that my kids have their own "lists" (a.k.a. "every toy that shows up on a commercial").  Wanna see what I got on my list? it is:

1. Trip with my husband:  Christmas doesn't have to be all about the kids, right?  I'm sure a lot of other moms out there can relate to this Christmas wish.  Sometimes you just need some time alone...where you can have a complete conversation without 5 million interruptions.  I'm thinking sand, a beach, 85 degree weather...and right now.

2. 20x30 Metal Print:  I've been working hard on redecorating my living room.  I painted our 70's brick fireplace, I installed beautiful "scraped" laminate flooring (ok, fine...Jason installed it), I hung some galvanized shelves to display my albums and frames (...Jason hung those, too)...but I did paint the fireplace! Except now I'm left with a beautiful, white-painted fireplace that looks like it's missing something.  Fortunately, I have an amazing program to virtually mock-up a gorgeous metal print...and now I'm in love...and now a 20x30 metal is on my Christmas list...with a couple 12x12s ;)

3.  Massage:  Once a month.  I don't think that's asking too much.  Anyone else do this?  Man, I know 30 (ahem...32) isn't old, but it feels old sometimes.  Lately my back has been so tight and for a while I have been getting these terrible headaches that I'm pretty sure stem from all that tightness.  And girls, that's just not good for business.  My husband has been awesome about getting me massages for birthdays, Mother's Day, and Christmas, but I haven't been good about using them.  Not anymore...I'm a new girl come 2018!

4.  No toys:  Okay, I guess this holiday really is about the kids, but maybe a few less toys???  Bless it - I can't walk a foot in my basement without stepping on a lego or a Barbie, neither of which feels good.  Okay - on my Christmas list...ORGANIZATION!

5.  Family photos:  I know it seems crazy...I do this for others but don't do it for myself?  Not anymore!  My gosh - family photos EVERY YEAR are a must...and I'm jumping on board this year.  If you are in the same boat and need some updated family pictures, head on over to my website.  The bonus about giving family photos as a Christmas gift? This gift can be spread around to many come on, share the love!  Grandmas and grandpas will be THRILLED!


If I don't manage to blog again before Christmas, I hope you all have the BEST Christmas, ever, and I hope you get to be surrounded by those you love the most!  Lots of love to you and yours!