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family photographer in Great Falls, MT

First...I have to say how thankful I am to have made a friend with a fellow photographer in Great Falls.  Caroline Madsen is not only amazingly talented, but she is also so much fun.  We started chatting via messenger about 6 months ago to swap some head shots...and those head shots turned into family sessions!  And I'm so grateful!

As a photographer, I am not in front of the lens too often.  Ever, actually.  And it was so awesome to go through a family session to experience what my wonderful families, couples, and seniors experience during our portrait session together.  Here's how it went down:

1. First, I assumed I had WAY more time to get ready than I actually did.  Translation: frantic running around, bathing kids last-minute, hurriedly attempting to apply false eyelashes (which is not recommended, btw).  All in all:  a little chaotic :)

Photographer in Great Falls, MT

2.  Did I mention a last-minute shopping trip to Old Navy?  Yep, a day before our session and I was the only one with something to wear...whoops.  Good news:  Old Navy had a little girl's dress that went perfectly with mine, and we found some good matches for the boys, too.  Phew!

3.  As we were getting ready to head out the door, my husband threw me the keys to his truck.  A few adult beverages were apparently necessary to get my husband ready for a family session.  Hey...this girl was not gonna complain!

family photography in Great Falls, MT

4.  We arrive to the location - perfect.  Not so perfect: Tanner jumps out of the truck, starts running wildly in the open field, face plants it, and gets grass stains all up and down his jeans.  If you know my son, this is pretty par-for-the-course, so I took it with a grain of salt.  

children's photographer in Great Falls
child photographer in Great Falls

5.  During our session:  Tanner get's a tick on his head.  I'm feeling itchy as I type this, because if I have any phobia...ticks are it.  

6.  End result from all of that...absolutely IN LOVE.  Which confirms for me that no matter what hassle a family portrait session might involve, there is nothing that can make these memories and images I have of my family not worth it.  

So remember...your session is about your family and who they are right NOW - the crazy, the grumpy, the silly, the impatient...all of it :)  At the end, know you will have images you will cherish FOREVER. 

As this was a "session swap", I also had the privilege of photographing Caroline and her gorgeous family.  Here's a sneak peek at my favorites from their session!

family photographer
Montana photographer
family photography