From my experience as a maternity photographer in Great Falls, Montana, (and my own pregnancy!), I understand where you're coming from. You may not feel the most comfortable.  I get it.  And you may not think you look your best.  But pregnancy is absolutely AMAZING, and if there is ever a memory you need to capture forever...your baby bump might be it.  

I feel especially strong about maternity photos or "baby bump" photography because I missed my chance.  I got too busy, I procrastinated, and I don't have hardly any photos to remember such an awesome experience.  And yes, even though I didn't feel beautiful at the time, I also never hired a professional photographer to make me look my best.  And I definitely regret it.

I'm also bummed that I don't get to share photos with two kiddos.  Anyone else's kids absolutely fascinated by pregnancy?!  It's hilarious.  Anyway - don't waste any more time.  If you are around 27 to 32 weeks, call me right away as this is the best time to capture you beautiful bump!

BEST PART?!  I have a selection of absolutely gorgeous maternity gowns for you to borrow during your session!