You are a busy gal.  You do way more in a day than you probably should (for your own sanity).  You balance kids, work, home, cleaning...all the stuff that you're "supposed" to do.  And days seem to fly by and crawl at the same time.  Before you know it, your kids are out of the house and all you have to show for this crazy, awesome, terrifying, beautiful journey of your family is....???  

Does that sound scary?  It scares me, because my family is my EVERYTHING.  And I always want to be reminded of that. I think it is probably safe to say that your kids, your loved ones...your FAMILY is your most prized possession, as well, and nothing in the world is more beautiful than those faces.  Please, capture your memories.  I know when you see your heirloom artwork gracing your walls, coffee table, and holiday cards you will only feel more confident in your decision to take a break, take a photo, and take time to make some memories.

Ready to see some beautiful faces?  Take a look below!


As a family photographer in Great Falls, Montana, my focus is all about making your portrait experience relaxed, comfortable, and fun!  If you are a mama with young kids, please don't stress about your kids acting "picture-perfect".  They are kids...not models!  My photo sessions with those littles are some of my favorite, because I get the most genuine expressions and interactions...after all, they don't know any better but to be themselves!

If you are ready to capture some memories and schedule your family pictures, please click the [BOOK NOW] button below.  Still wanting to know more about what you can expect from a Bridgette Pence Photography family photo session?  Take a look at the BPP Experience!