Photographer in Great Falls, Montana | Jack's Branding Session

photographer in Great Falls, MT

Any other creatives out there? Do you sew, design, make signs, scrapbook? Paint, draw, or create anything as part of your business? Well, if you do, you might understand me when I say that I have been in a little creative “rut”. In part because I’ve been stuck doing indoor sessions, and it’s more difficult to come up with new and creative images when you are working with the same space. It probably doesn’t help that we are in the middle of winter, and all a girl wants is some beautiful light, warm weather, and maybe a little bit of green outside. And apparently this next week we are heading in the opposite direction…. But amid this Debbie Downer thing I had goin’ on, I was gifted the opportunity to work with Jack…and my creative self just died and went to heaven.

“I’m SO grateful for this session!” ~ exact words I said to Jack when we started our session on a really dreary, about-to-be-snowy day. To do something different, new…just a huge breath of fresh air (literally), and I couldn’t be happier with the results! BUT, enough about me. Let’s talk about this handsome guy that is about to be a big deal….

photographer in Great Falls, MT

If you don’t already know Jack Anderegg, he is an incredible musician, an awesome young guy, a Great Falls High graduate (go Bison!), and he is ready to do this music thing, and (lucky you) he is now booking gigs around Great Falls and Central Montana. Jack came to see me about getting some images for his website and I was instantly excited. Here’s why:

It’s Jack. And he’s awesome.

A new location…a new session in (gasp!) the winter!

Branding. All about the branding.

What is all this branding talk? Well, if you’ve ever had a business, you know (or should know!) branding is a big deal. It’s not just about some head shots in Great Falls, Montana. And it all begins with the images you put out there for everyone to see. What kind of mood and emotions do you want your brand to produce? What is the public going to think about when they think about you? How are they going to feel when they scroll through your website? Print material? Business card? It all comes back to branding.

branding in Great Falls, MT

So when I asked these questions of Jack, he gave me the best answer: he said he was looking for clean, but not sharp. Weathered but taken care of. Like reclaimed lumber. Old brick buildings or old wooden structures, but still professional. Uh…light bulb!!! I instantly started thinking about locations and quickly decided that Jack is too cool for the over-used brick background. Fortunately, all I had to do was look to my back yard for a moody, under-stated, cool background that let Jack take center stage.

head shots in Great Falls, MT

For Jack’s folk, indie, and easy listening sound? These images are the exact vibe we were going for, and I can’t WAIT to see how they play out on his website. We found an AMAZING second location for a LOT of variety and color, which accented his clothing choices perfectly. The rich gold tones and that cool minty, vintage vibe? Heaven.

Great Falls photographer

And did I mention it snowed? A lot? By the end of our session, Jack’s hair was dripping with wet sleet as bad as my mascara was running off of my face. Fortunately, Jack can pull that look off. Me? Not so much. It was a little scary. Good thing there wasn’t young children around.

Regardless of the questionable weather, this session was exactly what I needed, and I hope the same goes for Jack! I’m so excited to see where this passion of creating beautiful music takes him - he truly is amazing, you guys. And when his website is ready to go, you best be prepared for some oversharing of all of his stuff! #jackandereggfanforlife

And what about you? Do you have a business that could use a little branding overhaul? Or just starting out and needing some images to capture the feel of your business for your website, print media, Instagram, Facebook, etc.? Give me a call - 406.459.4225…we need to chat! :)

head shot pictures in Great Falls, MT