Photographer in Great Falls, MT | The Beauty of Summer Portraits

Summer portraits in Great Falls, MT

The cold, hard truth:  us Montanans don't get to hear about "summer" for very long.  That beautiful, yellow light, cloud-less skies, and the warmth...oh the warmth!  July and August (a.k.a., my summer season for natural light portrait sessions in Great Falls, MT), are two of the most beautiful months of the year.  Which also makes them the perfect time to grab your family, your loved one, your pet, your high school senior...and get outside with me!  Here's why:

1)  Some of our most beautiful flowers (both wild and not-so-wild) are in full bloom!  As with the images above of beautiful Danielle, florals in the background add color, dimension, and interest to your images...and there are lots of locations to choose from to achieve this look!

senior photographer in Great Falls, MT

2)  Weather is a little more predictable.  July and August don't usually give us too many surprises.  You can expect sun, heat, sun, and heat...for the most part.  Translation: a photographers dream!  Worried about all of that heat?  Don't be!  Fortunately, our session starts an hour to two hours before sunset (depending on location), so we get to experience a little less of that sun.  Those sunset shots also make for the most GORGEOUS light!

photographer in Great Falls, Montana

3)  Summer Schedules:  summer an be crazy, but in comparison to the school year it seems to be a little more manageable to sneak in a portrait session.  It's also a time when you are getting together with kids coming back from college and relatives visiting from out-of-town.  Don't pass up another opportunity to capture your memories!  Life is crazy...yes.  But celebrate the craziness and celebrate each other...and if nothing else, get that craziness captured so you can forever remember all that you have survived! ;-)

senior pictures in Great Falls, MT

4)  Clothing!  Some of the most attractive clothing combinations include those sleeveless dresses, casual shorts and button up shirts, and sun dresses!  Our summer heat has you covered (or uncovered, in our case)!  Take advantage of getting to wear all those beautiful summer clothes when we are out soaking up the sun!  You're also going to be able to show off that late summer tan ;)

July and August are going to be a couple of fun months!  I can't wait to meet my new clients and hang out more with my past clients!  Did I mention my clients are THE best?!  It's true...I'm pretty lucky!  

If you are interested in a summer session, make sure you jump over to the website and get added to my email list!  My email subscribers are the first to know about my summer session availability! :)