Fitness Photographer in Great Falls, MT | Meet Leah

Meet Leah: mom, wife, photographer, fitness competitor, Rodan + Fields consultant...the list goes on!  Most impressive, though?  Dedication.  Like...lots of it.  From preparing for her second fitness competition to researching and preparing healthy meals for herself and family...she's got it. 

fitness photography

I got to meet Leah a few weeks ago when my family and I moved into our new house, and fortunately, Leah is right across the street!  It's been so fun getting to know one another, and even better - she has a couple kiddos about the same age as mine.  Yay for play dates!  Now, a few differences between Leah and I that you all might already know ;)  Working out?  Not my favorite.  Eating healthy?  Meh....  But I've decided that some of that dedication she has is going to rub off on me (eventually) due to close proximity.  That could happen, right?!!  

fitness shoot

Leah asked if I'd be interested in doing a fitness shoot for her in Great Falls, and I jumped at the chance.  I LOVE trying different types of photography and pushing myself creatively.  Fitness photography?  Why not?!!!  So despite the EARLY morning ("sunrise" early, people) and the chilly weather...I had a blast!  And I really shouldn't be the one complaining, as I had a few more layers on than Leah!  It didn't hurt, though, that our husbands had the kids and we may have stopped for a coffee break after the shoot ;)

fitness photographer in great falls, mt
Great Falls, MT photographer

TODAY is Leah's second competition in Canada, and I'm so excited for her!  I know she'll do amazing!  Good luck, Leah!!!

photographer in Great Falls, Montana