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Newborn photography has been an interesting journey for me. With my new love for maternity images, I knew that I would need to tell the WHOLE story from beginning to finish…and “finish” would include images of that priceless new addition. One problem, though: my whole “style” revolves around candid, emotion-filled images. It’s what I love, it’s what I’m passionate about, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. And I didn’t feel that the posed newborn images (babies in buckets) was really going to work for me.

newborn lifestyle photography in Great Falls, MT

Enter in: lifestyle newborn sessions. What’s a “lifestyle newborn session”? Well…I’m glad you asked! ;) Imagine years from now, once that little sweet baby is now a grouchy teenager (just kidding…kind of), and you are looking back through that beautiful album. You start with your gorgeous maternity images. You’re reminded of exactly how amazing our bodies are, how incredibly beautiful and happy you looked, and you can practically see the excitement (and nerves!) in your eyes.

LIfestyle newborn photos

Then you keep turning the pages to see the result of those long nine months…that precious, BEAUTIFUL little newborn. The one thing you love more than anything in the world…which you realized with his or her first breath. But the difference with lifestyle newborn images is this: your newborn is not in a story by his or herself. YOU, your husband, your other kiddos…they are all part of this beautiful transition from a two-some to a three-some, or a family of four now becoming a family of five…. THAT is the story I want to capture. The excitement of a new brother or sister. The look in dad’s eyes as he cradles baby girl, knowing that he is going to be her biggest protector. The wonder of a new mama who is discovering every toe, every finger, and every little roll of her newborn that she miraculously created.

Those are the moments that need to be remembered. And if not through images…then how? Memory? Oh, mama…if only. When I look back to my own experience with my two little ones and their first couple of weeks after their debut, I remember a couple things:

  1. Looking like Lyndsay Lohan in her most recent mugshot

  2. Okay…maybe I just remember #1

But seriously, it’s such a blur and I’m dying that I don’t have images like these to reminisce over. Just. Dying.

So the moral of my story: if you have ever wondered what a Lifestyle Newborn session is all about…it is all about the story…your new family’s story. And I’m so honored I get to be a part of it :)


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