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Maternity photographer in Great Falls, MT

First of all, can I just say how much I miss these summer days?! Aaaahhh…six more months…six more months…we can do this.

Okay - maternity photography: how did this all start and why am I so passionate about it? Well, mostly because I don’t have more than a blurry, pixelated image to show for BOTH of my pregnancies with Tanner and Mia. Seriously. And it was one of those selfies in a mirror, a bunch of laundry in the background on my bed…not cute, not pretty, definitely not “print-worthy”.

So what’s the big deal? So I don’t have a beautiful image to show for one of the most incredible parts about life? Who cares? Well…I DO. You guys. It’s a BIG deal. Think about any other experience that can top the miracle of pregnancy? I can’t think of ONE.

Great Falls maternity pictures

Now, I can’t reverse time, and I can’t recreate those images (I’ve thought about it), but I CAN encourage all of those expecting mamas (or someday-expecting-mamas) to take the time to capture and celebrate the MOST amazing miracle your body will ever experience. Literally growing a human! Like…what?! It’s still so freaking amazing to think about.

Great Falls maternity photographer

Now, if you are like I was and thinking any of the below:

  • I feel fat…and unattractive

  • I am uncomfortable

  • I don’t know what I’ll do with maternity images

  • I’d rather invest in newborn images

I got you, girl. I was living with all of the above during my own pregnancies. Which is why I’m not interested in offering a typical maternity session. My sessions include access to a plethora (who is thinking about the movie The 3 Amigos whenever you hear the word “plethora”?) of maternity gowns, all of which beautifully accent your bump and give you a little glamour during a time when you might not feel…well, glamorous.

The glamour doesn’t stop there: with each of my maternity sessions I include professional makeup application. Think of this as an opportunity for a little calm before the storm. Possibly your last time (for a while) to be by yourself, getting a little pampering (sans screaming baby).

maternity pictures

Your maternity session includes anyone you’d like: your guy, your other littles, just you…. Regardless, I will do my best to make your session one-of-a-kind.

So what do you do with all of these beautiful images in the end? Well…I’m guessing you might re-think hanging them on your wall (or in baby’s nursery) once you get a peek of your beautiful glamorous self and all your loved ones that may have joined you in your session. Maternity photos in Great Falls, MT have the gift of beautiful backgrounds, which makes for even more appropriate wall art!

My favorite? ALBUMS. Albums tell a story. And what better story to tell than that journey of your little one, from start to finish. And if the FULL story is on your wish list, my Bump to Baby special is your perfect fit. One session fee…two sessions (Maternity and Lifestyle Newborn).

Now…the above may have sounded a little “salesy”, so I want to clarify: it doesn’t matter what professional you use for your maternity images (unless the “professional” is you, in front of a mirror, laundry in the background), but I promise you will be saddled with some regret when that season has passed and your memories of that time (and what you looked like) are fading.

Lots of love to all of you expecting mamas, especially those whose pregnancies may not be such a piece of cake. Try to enjoy this amazing time…it doesn’t last forever.

baby bump images in Great Falls, Montana