Lifestyle Family Photographer in Great Falls, MT - My Go-To Taco Soup Recipe

I’m sick, you guys. If you watched my Facebook live yesterday you got to hear my man-voice (or rather, my sexy Pheobe Buffay voice. Just kidding.) And what makes a girl feel better while battling a gross cold (you know…snot, sinus stuffiness, phlegm-rattling cough…are you grossed out yet?)? Yeah…you know…soup!

What I love even more than soup is an easy recipe. Fortunately, this one checks both the boxes! And then when you combine “soup” and “tacos”?! Match made in heaven.

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First step: get the hamburger a brownin’. This is the longest step of the whole process (which should be getting you excited), so I like to start with this. Anywhere from 1lb to 2lbs, depending on how “meaty” you like your soup. Once browned, mix in a package of taco seasoning and then let it simmer while you put the rest of the soup together.

Taco Soup_2.jpg

Next: all the stuff you see above? Yep…that’s it, ladies. All the ingredients. Basically…you pour all of this into a big soup pot, add two cups of water, maybe fix yourself a margarita in the meantime (it’s called “multi-tasking” and it is taco soup, after all), and you are almost done! *Mom Tip*: If you have littles in the house, I’d recommend going with a mild taco seasoning and mild salsa. My daughter can eat spicy food like she was born to, but my son…not so much.

Taco Soup_3.jpg
Taco Soup_4.jpg

Finally: now go ahead and throw in that hamburger meat that has been simmering in taco seasoning goodness, mix it up, and…

Taco Soup_5.jpg

You are DONE! Easy, right? This has been a staple for my family, especially on those cold winter days. In the image above, I threw in some chunks of pepper jack cheese because I was feeling fancy, but even better is when you serve it up with some sour cream, guacamole, and then some Fritos Scoops alongside! Mmmmmm….

I hope this recipe saves some of you when you have very little time, don’t know what to make, or are white-knuckling it through your own cold (or God forbid…your husband’s cold! Yeah, you know what I’m talking about!). If you make this pot of goodness, leave me a comment letting me know what you think!

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