Mandi-Class of 2017 | Senior Photographer in Great Falls, MT

In the spirit of graduation this week (yay Class of 2017!!!), I have a little Senior Photo Session to share with you...miss Mandi!

Senior photographer in Great Falls, MT

Mandi is a girl who does not give up, which I love about her.  I'm always amazed at the seniors I get to work with - as being a senior in high school now is more difficult than when I was in school - and this girl is one who pushed herself through all of that and made it to the end.  I could not be MORE excited to see her walk across the stage this week at Great Falls High's graduation ceremony.

Not only is Mandi determined, but she is sweet, funny, polite and respectful.  I'm guessing she will do some awesome things in her future.  And now to the fun stuff...her beautiful images!  

Mandi and I had to work between a couple of rain showers, but I love how these all turned out :)  Senior pictures in Great Falls, Montana can be a little unpredictable, but regardless, I always know that our Montana landscapes will make up for any weather issues!  Look at the backgrounds on some of these senior pictures....aaahh...LOVE!