Why I Needed This Photo Shoot... | Family Photographer in Great Falls, MT

Do you ever have those moments during your workday where you question why you are there to begin with?  Find yourself doubting your work, comparing yourself to others...maybe even questioning whether you are investing more than you're getting in return?  Ugh...not fun...but this happens to me, too.  Sometimes after a long day at one job I start to question photography as another job, especially when it involves a lot more time than I could have ever imagined.  Between the sessions, the editing, the business documentation and receipt-tracking, the ordering, the marketing..."overwhelming" doesn't quite cover it.

And all of this is why I needed to do this little photo session with my family.  To remember why I got into this business at all...to remember why I invest my time in improving my skill, my business, and my client's experience.

I purchased my first DSLR camera after my son was born, adamant that I would learn photography for the sole purpose of creating beautiful images of the beautiful faces in my family.  After years of learning, I found that I enjoyed creating those beautiful images for other families just as much.  I loved seeing the expression of a proud mom, looking at that image of her son knowing he was only going to get older and his look would change, but forever she would have these images that she could look back upon.  And it wouldn't just be the image, but the memories that surface from that image.  All of a sudden, you are taken back to that cute laugh and little voice he used to have, that funny dance he used to do, and those awesome hugs he used to give.  And to have the privilege of being a part of that?  I could never turn that down.  

Our Family Session

So off we went, me and my family, after a quick pulling together of semi-coordinating clothes and some crying and pouting (more on that next!) to take some family pics!  And now we are to the other reason I needed this photo session:  to remind me of the chaos and frustration that can go into getting your own kids to cooperate for family photos...and sometimes your husband.  OMG.  It wasn't good, people.  Good news?  NONE of my past or future clients and their little ones could possibly be more difficult than my own family.  Wowzas.  So, if you are the mom (or dad) thinking that your kids are going to be too cranky, too wild, too embarrassing, and possibly the worst EVER at family photos...I'm happy (and sorry) to tell you that mine already snagged that distinction.  For real.

I'm going to save you all from describing the chaos that was our "family session", but what I do want you to take away from this family confession of mine is this:  your kids are not the worst at family photos, and regardless of how bad you might think they are and can be, we will still get some amazing shots that you will not regret.  I promise.  Here's a couple of my favorites from our session.  You see those faces???  You would never know that my husband and I were trying to herd these "cats" around for the better part of an hour, explaining to my daughter that saying "cheese" doesn't qualify as smiling....  But oh, how I love them.

So despite all of that, I am SO happy we took the time (and patience) to do this shoot.  I love these photos of my kiddos, and when I look back on them years from now, I won't be thinking of the stress or frustration, but will instead be thinking of my little lovies, those smiles, my sassy little Mia, and my sweet Tanner Boy.