Happy Mother's Day | Great Falls, MT Family Photographer

Great Falls, MT Family Photographer

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those awesome mamas out there!  Above you can see some of my Mother’s Day flowers!  Ok…not really.  I actually did get flowers (that were beautiful, by the way – thanks to my husband and kiddos!), but these ones I picked myself.  However, my daughter, who is quite clever, claimed she “made these” and presented them to me as I walked in the room saying, “Happy Mother’s Day!”.  It was pretty cute.  And I pretended to be surprised 

I love Mother’s Day…not only because I am a mom (of two little kiddos, 17 months apart!) but because I have such appreciation for everything moms do.  I feel like moms catch a lot of flack these days, too.  You work too much, or…why don’t you work?  You don’t pay enough attention to your kids, you pay too much attention to your kids.  You have your kids too involved in too many activities, or you let them sit at home too much.  Sometimes “mom-ing” feels impossible.  Fortunately, I have an awesome friend who is also a mom who is super real, who I can sit and vent to and never feel guilty.  Mama – you know who you are out there and I love you for being so awesome!

Anyway, I am here to tell you that I believe that most moms are really trying their best.  But days are long and patience wears thin, and sometimes…we just can’t do it all and act sane at the end of the day.  So, cheers to all the moms!  I think we all have good days, bad days, and really bad days, and despite those bad ones we love our kids like crazy…even when they make us crazy.

Being a Great Falls, MT family photographer, I get to work with lots of mamas and I love it!  Family photography is so important to me, and it is also a big reason why I got started in professional photography to begin with.  When I had my first baby, I knew I had to have a nice camera to capture all of those moments that I wanted to look back on.  Unfortunately, I had some pretty unrealistic expectations as to how those images would look.  Professional quality???…not quite.  Years and practice and studying and learning (and practice, practice, practice), I discovered that I do have a creative eye for photography and I wanted to share that with others!  Thus…Bridgette Pence Photography   The downside of this decision?  I’m NEVER in front of the camera (and my kids will have little evidence that I existed in their early days…).

So if you know a lovely mama out there that deserves to be in some photos with her kiddos, contact me!  It’s probably time she had some beautiful family photos, not to mention a fun experience taking them!

Great Falls, MT Family Photographer