Bridgette makes you feel so comfortable, you forget that you are being photographed at times. She is so kind and has a great eye!

Hiring a photographer in Great Falls is not just about some stranger taking a few photos.  If you hire me, I realize that you are inviting me to hang out with the ones you love the MOST.  You are inviting me to watch the good, the bad, and the beautiful...and then capture all of that on camera (most of which will be the BEAUTIFUL!).  And that requires some trust.  And before you can trust me, you have to know a little about me, right?  So here is the down and the dirty:


I am a mama to two kiddos...and you can see them all over my website, all over my house, all over EVERYTHING!  My husband is pretty awesome, too.  And handsome, which doesn't hurt.

I am a school counselor during the day.  I am completely fortunate that I get to work with the students I work with. 

I have quite the array of TV I watch, which includes everything from The Bachelor (and Bachelorette, of course!), The Black List, Trial and Error (if you haven't seen this yet and love to HAVE to watch it!), and This is Us.  P.S. Is anyone able to watch This Is Us and not sob all the way through?  *Sigh*

Within 5 minutes of walking in the door, I am in sweatpants.  I own more sweatpants than regular pants.  I'm hoping that's normal....

My favorite shots are those that are "in-between-the-poses"...the ones that show TRUE expression, and really highlight the personality of the individual on the other side of my camera!

I am a lover of all things HGTV.  I LOVE decorating (currently in love with that shabby chic, industrial look), and I'm blessed with a husband that is pretty handy around the house!

Speaking of decorating...if you are interested in seeing how I creatively display my photos around MY house...leave your email address below and I'll instantly send ya my 5 Creative Photo Display Ideas in MY Home with some awesome and innovative ideas that I use (which might also help you decide how you will showcase your beautiful art!).